Barnard-Lourens Inc. was founded in October 2003 by PG Lourens (Sr), PG Lourens (Jr) and JC Barnard.  The firm has grown considerably since then in staff and in stature and has become recognized in property law, commercial law and civil litigation.  

Barnard-Lourens / Gerhard Lourens is further dedicated to high ethical standards.  Professional competence is enjoyed by our clients and respected by our colleagues.

The firm's values include:

1. Commitment to client service;

2. Commitment to ethical and professional standards;

3. Maintaining our commitment to transformation and upliftment.

Gerhard Lourens specialize in property law and it's conveyancing section handles all aspects relating to property law in South Africa.  The firm has electronic access to major South African banks which include FNB, Nedbank and Investec Bank.

The services provided by the conveyancing department include:

1. Assisting client with negotiations pertaining to property transactions;

2. Drafting of formal agreements;

3. Transfer of full title and sectional title properties;

4. Mortgage bond registrations;

5. Subdivisions and consolidations;

6. Establishment of townships;

7. Full title and sectional title developments;

8. Opinions on property law and related matters;

9. Antenuptial agreements;

10. Acting as correspondent for out of town legal practices;

Barnard-Lourens' litigation department is also well established and deals with most aspects of litigation which includes:

1. Debt collecting;

2 Matrimonial law;

3. Insolvencies and liquidations;

4. High Court Matters;

5. Magistrate Court Matters;

6. Alternativer Dispute Resolutions;

7. Commercial Litigation;

8. Labour Matters;

Short Curriculum Vitae of Professional Staff:

PG Lourens Sr: [B.Iuris Unisa] was admitted as an attorney on 20 May 1974.  He  practiced in Nelspruit for the past 35 years and before joining our firm was the Managing Director of Kruger-Lourens Inc.  Mr. Lourens is of the most experienced senior attorneys  in Nelspruit with reference to property development, drafting and commercial work.  He  has a vast spectrum of clients ranging from corporate to agricultural environments.  He is  currently in full time employment of the firm as professional consultant.

PG Lourens Jnr: [B.Comm, B.Proc UP] was admitted on 2 July 1998 as Attorney and as a Conveyancer on 26 September 2005.  He Matriculated in Nelspruit and gained experience in the Deeds Office of Pretoria as a article clerk for MacRobert Inc.  Mr. Lourens has since specialized in the registration of all types of bonds as security which includes: commercial property, residential property, industrial property and  movable property (including  airplanes). He has an extensive client base, which includes developers, bankers, insurance  and investment advisors and commercial and corporate clients.  He serves as a  commissioner of the Small Claims Court, and is a director of Barnard-Lourens.

JC Barnard: [B.Proc PU for CHE] was admitted as an attorney on 18 August 1998 and  practiced under the name of Barnard-Kriel Attorneys since 1999.  He matriculated in  Nelspruit and has established a name for himself within the local community and grown to  be an experienced litigant.  He serves as a commissioner of the Small Claims Court of  Nelspruit and as a benefactor and trustee of several charitable organizations.  He  currently manages our litigation department. He is a director of Barnard-Lourens.  He is also Chairman for the Mpumalanga Attorneys  Association.  Mr. Barnard was also nominated as Small Business Employer of the year

2004 and 2006 by the Nelspruit Chamber of Business.

The following people are on our staff to ensure the best possible service:

Ricky Morton           - Conveyancing

Celeste van der Walt- Conveyancing / Bonds

Constane Jones       - Conveyancing

Edwin Shongwe       - Conveyancing / Deeds Office

Marlene van der Nest- Debt Collections

Ansie Vermeulen      - Litigation / Debt Collections

Hendriëtt Barnard      - Bookkeeping

Rina Jordaan            - Reception

Tshepo Sedibe         - Messenger

Yvonne Gumede       - Tea-girl

Sumari Richter         - Debt Collections / General